While concerned with all of Church History, the Institute of Church History, Christian Archaeology, and Christian Art focuses its research on two fields:

  1. The formative period of the history of Christianity, up to the end of Late Antiquity in the 6th century. The focus is on the discourse of Antiquity and Christianity for understanding the related processes of the constitution of ecclesiastical life, institutions, teachings, and traditions.
  2. The early modern Reformation in Western and Middle Europe and the development of Protestant churches and their theology. A primary focus is laid on the reception history of Austrian Protestantism in the context of the Danube and Carpathian region.

Areas of competence and research projects of the academic faculty:

Am Institut wird der wissenschaftliche Nachwuchs im Rahmen des Doktoratsprogramms und des Habilitationsverfahrens gefördert. Folgende Promotions- und Habilitationsprojekte laufen aktuell am Institut:

  • Christliche Geschichtsschreibung im lateinischen Westen in der Zeit nach Augustinus (Promotion Antje Klein)
  • Habilitation zum Thema: Anfänge. Formierung und Einflüsse des Gnesioluthertums und des Flacianismus, Schwerpunkt Südostmitteleuropa (Astrid Schweighofer)