Dr. Sebastiano Panteghini

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My educational background is in Classical Philology (University of Brescia and Milano). My PhD dealt with Greek tragedy and philological studies dedicated to Greek tragedy in the school of Aristotle (University of Vienna, 2008). During my studies, I placed an emphasis on Greek palaeography and the tradition of classical texts in Byzantium. My professional experience lies in provenance research of early Greek prints (Austrian National Library, 2008) and in text editing (Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2009–2014). Greek church historiography (Nikephoros Kallistou Xanthopoulos), punctuation theory, and Greek catenae on the Psalms are my primary areas of research. Since 2018, I have focused on the digital critical edition of the Expositiones in Psalmos attributed to (Pseudo‑)Athanasius of Alexandria.


Project "Digitale kritische Edition von den Expositiones in Psalmos des (Pseudo-)Athanasius von Alexandrien"